Air Jordan 1 High OG "Bred" Autocheckout



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Release Date: 9.03.16

Retail: $160

Auto-Checkout Process:

1) Provide us with your payment and shipping details. After filling out the form below, add your desired size to cart.

2) Using guest accounts, we add the shoes to cart on a variety of websites (Footsites, Ruvilla & more). After the shoe has been added to cart, we checkout with your payment details.

3) After we successfully checkout, you will receive a confirmation from the retailer. 

You can purchase 4 slots per credit card and billing address – if you wish to purchase more than 4 auto-checkout slots, you must use a different credit card and address. Failing to use new details may result in your orders being canceled . We are not responsible for any order cancellations that are caused from ordering more than 4 slots. For all other circumstances, such as your order being canceled or a failure on our part, you will be issued a full refund.

Auto-Checkout Information

To fill out the auto-checkout form and checkout, please continue to the next page. You will select your desired size in the next step.